We love our dogs and the breed. We hope you like them as much as we do.



Four champion of Ukraine
Three young champion of Ukraine
Twice champions Belarus:
they are our dogs

Individual opinion

We will explain and teach you

how to better care for your dog


Owners of our puppies 

can phone  us any time  24/7

Newfoundland - the best dog

Our Champion Joy

Joy on Cacib

Nuts About You MIdnightBear

International Ch. Mishanya 

Why our Kennel

6 reasons 

Information support

Grow up your puppy correctly is not just love. This is correctly feeding, vitamins, training, etc. We always share our experience to everyone. Our puppies are our children who live with new parents in love.

Price structure

Why different prices? We see puppies are different. One puppy is afraid of any noise, but other is kept as Napoleon.
One of them to live in peace in the family .
Other is better for Kennel, going to became International Champion.

Always call 

Whatever happens call us immediately. If questions about health call your vet immediately. If you have any other questions  directly call us. 


We conclude the contract for maintenance of the puppy . In violation of the agreement we offer to return the puppy. Any of our puppies we will take back if something happens, at any time, from any point of the Earth.

How to calculate price

When we have puppies 
Direct payment: to male dog, pet foods for puppies , medical service, to assistants.
Indirect payment : for dog-show, dog-shows, etc

Our Kennel

We are 4 years old. Our oldest dog 9 years. Quietly, beautiful place in a wild Ukrainian village  is perfect for our dogs. Do you like to visit us? Welcome!

Our pupies worldwide

 we are proud

In the shadow

Oscar —  (Emilko x Adelka)

photos by Jenaya Launstein
owner Taran Van Hierden, Alberta, Canada

Photo-session for one of  Canadian magazines

12 month old

On the field


photos by Jenaya Launsteinowner Taran Van Hierden, Alberta, Canada

Ailama Try To Win ( Tango x Adela )

in Canada

photos by Cathie Wood

Ailama Try To Win


photos by Cathie Wood


  • Anyway whatever I can do to help you with  US clients to buy your puppies give them my number phone. I will tell them my experience, I will always recommend you guys. I will be watching your FB page. Let s stay in touch and good luck! Hugs Miguel

    Miguel Tejero

    Maine, USA

  • We just got home from the airport and he's amazing!
    He looked like he handled the trip over very well and is happy to be out of his crate lol.

    Jackie-Sue Jensen

    Alberta, Canada

  • Oscar is an AMAZING dog , we love him SO much❤️ ...

    Taran Van Hierden

    Alberta, Canada

Our puppies worldwide 

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Тел: +38 (073) 466 83 81

+38 (073) 466 83 81